Skin Care and Infection Control

Skin Care and Infection Control products soothe and clean sensitive areas, help combat presistent exposure to moisture, and offer protection against germs and disease.  Here are some products we recommend-

Baza ® Barrier Cream and Anti-fungal Cream
Helps maintain healthy skin and protects against moisture.

Calmoseptine Cream
Multi-purpose moisture barrier cream with cooling menthol. Temporarily relieves discomfort and itching. Protects skin from irritations caused by moisture.

Lantiseptic Cream
Emollient ointment with 3.5% lanolin. Encourages proper moisture balance. Protects skin from irritation due to diaper dermatitis. Gentle to highly sensitive skin.

A & D Ointment
Emollient rich in vitamins A & D. Thin consistency is quickly absorbed. Promotes healing of diaper rash, minor burns, sun burns and skin irritations.

Perineal Wash
No rinse conditioning formula removes waste matter for effective cleaning of perineal area. Helps reduce odors, reduces risk of skin irritation and breakdown.

Wet Wipes
Alcohol free wipes contain aloe and lanolin to improve skin care and comfort. Popular with caregivers and patients.

Exam Gloves
Non-sterile, easy to slip on and off gloves protect against blood borne pathogens and micro biologically transmitted diseases. High quality for durability and strength.

Hand Sanitizer
Alcohol based gel effectively kills germs.


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