100 Things To Do With Your Grandkids!

grandparents-grandkids1. Set up a lemonade stand. Make unusual flavors like apple lemonade and pineapple lemonade along with the traditional favorite.

2. Stare at clouds. Make up stories about what you see.

3. Catch frogs.

4. Make one super-duper ice-cream sundae — don’t forget the whipped cream, cherries, and two spoons.

5. Introduce the grandkids to lobster. Have a burger handy for when they freak out.

6. Scope out populated parking lots for state license plates. Keep a list and try to find all 50.

7. Go on a nature walk, pointing out bugs, trees, birds, and butterflies. Bring binoculars.

8. Play catch until it’s too dark to see the ball.

9. Take the dogs outside and play a long game of fetch. Using the ground to scratch an itch is fun for dogs and kids!

10. Build a birdhouse.

11. Paint watercolor portraits of each other — the sillier the better.

12. Ride bicycles to someplace new or show your grandchildren around your neighborhood.

13. Spend an hour in a hammock.

14. Borrow mysteries from the library, and take turns reading chapters out loud under the stars.

15. Do karaoke together. Sing “My Generation” and “When I’m Sixty-Four.”

16. Go on a picnic, even if you travel no farther than your backyard. Set out a blanket, and bring portable music and a Frisbee.

To see the rest of the list click here.
Source: Grandparents.com


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