More men are getting plastic surgery

Men, thinking about getting plastic surgery soon? Well, you’re not alone. To deal with the tough economy and job market, men are turning to plastic surgery to become more competitive. Face lifts and Botox injections rose from the past year, 14 and 9 percent respectively. Phillip Haesk, a plastic surgeon from Seattle reveals, “Many men say they don’t look as young as they feel, and they want to change that.”

A lot of baby boomers can’t leave the job force and want to compete with the younger generations for their careers. The investment is pretty hefty as the fees for a face lift is more than $6,200, but many men think it’s worth it.


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How to Battle Fatigue

There are numerous of causes of fatigue such as diabetes, heart disease, or simply not getting enough sleep which affects your work and home life. Here are some ways to fight fatigue and get your energy back.

1. Some people might be suffering from Sleep Apnea which means it stops you from breathing while sleeping. This is why some are tired even getting 8 hours of sleep. To help fix this you can quit smoking, lose weight if you are obese, and perhaps sleep with a CPAP device that will keep your air passages open.

2.  Do not skip on breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Having a breakfast meal that comprise of protein and carbs such as eggs and whole wheat bread will get you going for the rest of the day.

3. Everyone knows that caffeine can keep you awake, but having too much of it does the opposite. Research found that having an overload of caffeine related drinks such as coffee, soda, tea, etc will cause fatigue in some people. So try to cut back on those items, but note that suddenly stopping will cause caffeine withdrawal and more tiredness.

4. A sign of dehydration could be an indication of fatigue. Try drinking a lot of water throughout the day to the point that your urine is light colored. This is an indication that you are drinking enough water. Before every physical activity, have at least two cups of water about an hour before to keep hydrated.

 5. Some people simply just need some exercise to help fatigue. Many adults can get a huge energy boost by just exercising 20 minutes three times a day. Often, this would be enough to battle fatigue.

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How to get a brighter smile

Flashing a great smile can make anyone’s day. Not only does it give you confidence, it gives you something to smile about. Whitening teeth have been a new trend for many years now and here are some ways to keep them gleaming.

Ever curious what stains teeth? There is a great trick to determine what does and doesn’t stain. If anything that can stain a white cotton T-shirt, then it can discolor your teeth. So watch out for coffee, tea, dark sodas, and fruit juices. Even sport drinks are worst than sweeten fruit juices as they wear down tooth enamel which results in thin, translucent, and discolored teeth. This becomes more noticeable as we slowly age therefore try to prevent sipping on those drinks for a long time and rinse right afterwards. You should attempt picking foods that contain less sugar and more calcium. Calcium makes your teeth stronger giving you that white color and lesser chances of tooth decay.

Salivia also plays a huge part of keeping your teeth clean and shiny. By having more salivia in your mouth, it will increase the likely chance it will wash all those food debris on top of your teeth. Plus, it will counterbalance the acid that causes tooth decay. The next time you are in the grocery store, pick up foods such as sugarless gum, strawberries, apples, carrots, pears, and celery as these foods produces a lot of salivia.

A home remedy for a whiter smile is using baking soda. Just simply dip the top of your wet toothbrush in some baking soda and brush for a minute or so and rinse. Remember, do not swallow and you could try using mouthwash to get rid of the bad taste.

Ladies, even picking a different shade lipstick for the day can cause discolored teeth. Stray away from oranges and brown hues and instead pick colors as pink, red, purple, and plums as those shades reduces the yellowness of your teeth.

Also remember, there are the common everyday tasks to keep your teeth white and healthy such as drinking water regularly, flossing/brushing your teeth after every meal, and rinsing your mouth. 

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Fast tips: Start exercising by doing everyday tasks

Now that spring is here, it’s only a couple of months before beach season! Here are some quick tips and advices that we have collected for you to help achieve your swimsuit body.

 Are you on budget and finding every excuse to not exercise? has put together great tips that show you how to work on flexibility, muscle strength and aerobic fitness for free! Some tips that the article suggests are taking a stretch break in lieu of a coffee break to gain flexibility, and working around the house such as pulling weeds and scrubbing the bathtub for muscle fitness.

If you are curious what counts as aerobic exercise, then these ordinary tasks work:

  • Walking briskly to work or to do errands
  • Pushing a lawn mower
  • Sweeping (try with fast pace music!)
  • Dancing
  • Playing actively with your children
  • Walking or playing with your dog

Also, Summer is coming up, which means hot weather! Some people are incline not to exercise, but here are some great ways to get your fitness on. Here are just some examples:

For outdoors:

  • Try to take early morning or late evening walks. Try walking with a dog or a friend so it will help you make it part of your daily routine.
  • Washing your car. This will get you outside and helps you burn your calories. Turn on some of your favorite upbeat music to help make it more fun.

For indoors:

  • Go for walks in the mall and we suggest getting a pedometer as an option for you to get motivated to beat your walking goals.
  • Doing indoor housework like dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing and cleaning! Try turning on the music and dancing to the beat. It would make these chores more fun while getting some exercise in.

For the elderly, staying active is very important as it increases their life span. By doing these simple tasks everyday, it will get their heart racing and improve their health.

  • Parking at the far end of a parking lot.
  • Taking the stairs instead of elevator or escalator.
  • Get off the bus a block early and walk home.
  • Walk to the store.
  • Enroll in a dance class.
  • Take laps around the park.

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