Being skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy

There are so many TV shows lately exhibiting an obese person trying to lose weight in order to be healthy. This could be a reminder for some, but being skinny doesn’t necessarily mean that you are healthy either. A new study conducted by an international group of scientists led by Ruth Loos at the Medical Research Council in the UK, found that lean people can be at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. After analyzing 75,000 people, they found that leaner people with a specific genetic variant were at higher risk despite their lower body fat.

Scientists advises everyone to  not only focus on the amount of fat, but the type of fat that they might have. The fat that is deposited under the skin doesn’t contribute a lot to the development of metabolic disorders such as diabetes or heart problems. You need to look deeper into the body such as the liver to find the bad fat building up. In other words, skinny people may not have a lot of visible fat from the outside, but they could be collecting visceral fat (bad fat) deep inside their body.

What you think about this article? Is this something you already knew?

Courtesy of Time HealthLand–Read more here!


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