Home Remedies that Work

AARP found great home remedies that could help you stop motion sickness to soothing your coughs. Also, there is scientific proof that they work!

  1. Honey—it is great to use when you have a cough that you want to get rid of. A study inPennsylvaniafound that it worked with a group of 100 kids they tested. The honey coats and soothes an irritated throat.
  2. Tart cherry juice—it seems that the juice is able to prevent gout attacks by reducing the joint inflammation that causes it. A study found that patients who took a tablespoon of tart cherry juice twice a day for four months were able to reduce their attacks in half.
  3. Dish washing soap—if you accidently get into contact with poison ivy or poison oak, finding dish washing soap near by will be helpful. Within the two hours of contact, wash the affected area with dish washing soap could prevent you from getting the red itchy rash.
  4.  Ginger—taking a bite out of this is helpful to relieve motion sickness and lower the chance of nausea. Eating one or two pieces of crystallized ginger before traveling will decrease motion sickness. Studies also show that taking a gram of ginger an hour before surgery can help reduce nausea during the first 24 hours of surgery.
  5. Water—by gargling just plain tap water can reduce the numbers of colds and respiratory infections you may get this winter. Try it with lemon and honey or salt as well. The salt helps take out the excess fluid from throat’s inflamed tissues.


What are some of your ways?


For more tips and original article, click here!—Courtesy of AARP.com


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