Congress Turns Away from Healthier School Lunches

The House and Senate committee recently announced their final draft of a bill that includes $11 billion National School Lunch Program. The congress decides to deny many of USDA’s suggestions to make school lunches healthier. Apparently, ketchup and tomato sauce is still considered as vegetables and they are going to keep food such as pizza and French fries as lunch options.

Below is what they decided to NOT pass:

-Limiting starchy vegetables such as corn, peas, and potatoes to two servings a week while requiring weekly minimum of leafy veggies and vitamin rich veggies.

-Having two tablespoons of tomato paste count as a serving of vegetable.

-Reducing sodium amount in school meals.

-Requiring half of all grains and breads to come from whole grains.

Currently, a third of American children are obese.

What do you think of this new bill?

Read original article here—courtesy of Times Healthland


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