Study Recommend Babies to Feed Themselves to Avoid Obesity

There’s a term for this—“baby-led weaning.” The definition is allowing infants “wean” themselves away from breast milk or formula by self-feeding tiny bits of cut-up foods, rather than being spoon-fed by their parents. The study had parents filled out surveys about their babies’ feeding and weaning practices, their infant’s favorite foods, and height and weight. There were 155 children aged 20 months to 6.5 years old in this study.

The results showed that on average, the baby-led group were at a healthy weight compared to the spoon-fed kids who were more likely to be overweight. The interesting part was that the finger-fed babies preferred to eat carbs (i.e. bread) over sweet foods and the spoon-fed kids liked sweet foods the most. The researchers also accounted for other factors for their weight such as family income and family history of obesity.

Researchers suggest that by having babies feed themselves, it may help babies become more aware of their own appetite and eating habits and discourage anxious parents from feeding their infants too much food.

What do you think of this study? Do you see any danger from this?

Read the original article here—Times Healthland


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