Myths about Living Alone

What’s wrong with being alone? A new article from breaks down some myths about why Americans choose to be alone and the potential emotional and health consequences that come with it (or lack of). The truth is: most Americans now are living alone and they are okay with it. For example, some people might think that people live alone as a last resort, but on the contrary, people tend to live alone whenever they can afford too. It turns out that the number of people living alone went up during our recent economic downturn.

Another myth is that most people who live alone are elderly. The truth is that the largest group of Americans that live alone are between the ages of 35-64 years old. The fastest group growing is between ages 18-34. There are about 5 million of them in the United States which is up from 500,000 in 1950.

Another myth is that older people who do live alone are usually lonely, unhappy, and feels isolated. However, according to a study of 3,000 Americans, those who live alone are more receptive to socialize with their friends and neighbors compared to those who were married.

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What do you think of being alone?

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