Possible NYC Ban on Large Sodas

New York City’s mayor Michael Bloomberg is fighting for large sugary drinks to be banned in public venues like movie theatres and restaurants. This ban would eliminate the sale of soft drinks that are 16ounces or larger.

Health implications due to soft drinks have been debated for years and experts now believe that sugary drinks are a leading cause of obesity.

Bloomberg’s proposed ban has been met with some criticism as to how affective it will be. Many believe that even if the ban controls large sized soft drinks businesses will find ways to get the drinks to customers, by possibly offering free refills on small drinks, and this will not support Bloomberg’s efforts to reduce sugar consumption.

Many academic scientists in the field of obesity prevention support Bloomberg’s efforts. New York City has previously banned the use of hydrogenated vegetable oils in restaurants based on scientific evidence that showed these cooking oils are hazardous to health.

The soda policy proposal is aimed at changing people’s portion size and could that really hurt in our national struggle to reduce obesity?

Find out more and read the original article HERE

~Professional Medical Corp

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