Medical Tests and Treatments You May Not Need

The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation (ABIM) has asked many doctors what tests and treatments are worth the time and money and which can be skipped. What they concluded is that too many tests are being conducted that are no longer needed and as a result common tests and treatments have been identified as unnecessary.  A list of 45 overused procedures was presented on Wednesday, April 4, 2012, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

The 7 Most Overused medical treatments have been a result of our changing medical culture. Many doctors believe that “too much testing is being done that isn’t needed, that doesn’t work,” says John Santa, M.D., who directs health ratings for Consumer Reports.

The top 7 most overused tests and treatments for people over age 50 were found to be:

1) EKG and other heart screening tests for low-risk people without symptoms.

2) Bone scans for osteoporosis for women under 65 and men under 70 with no risk factors.

3) Antibiotics for mild-to-moderate sinus infections.

4) NSAID painkillers for people with high blood pressure, heart failure and any chronic kidney disease.

5) X-ray, CT scan or MRI for low back pain.

6) Diagnostic tests for suspected allergies.

7) CT scans and other imaging procedures for uncomplicated headaches.

To read more about dangers associated with these tests and other exceptions please read the AARP Article HERE

~Professional Medical Corp


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