Exercise for Global Health


We all know that exercise is a vital part of overall cardiovascular health and muscle strength. But who is getting enough exercise and who is falling short?

According to a new series of studies done by Lancet, people across the globe are falling short on exercise. The study’s alarming statistics found that eight out of 10 youth (ages 13-15) don’t get enough exercise.

In the study researchers discovered that lack of exercise worldwide produces roughly as many deaths as smoking does (1 out of 10).

Despite these deadly results, lack of exercise doesn’t get the same funding or attention as other health problems,  said Pedro Hallal, associate professor at the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil and author of one of the studies.

“It gets underfunded and undervalued,” Hallal said. “But it’s huge everywhere in the world.”

Lessons can be learned from these eye-opening finding. Exercise can be part of your daily routine, try a simple walk around the block, cycling to work, or a fitness class with friends. Set goals for your exercise routine and help yourself live a long and happy life!

For more information on the above findings the full article can be read HERE.

~Professional Medical Corp


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