Energy Boosters

Summer time is finally here and if you are still stuck in your routine for cold rainy weather try these tips to help rev-up summer.

1. Sleeping…zzzz….

A good night’s rest is essential to waking up fully energized. If you are having trouble falling asleep try sniffing lavender which has been shown to improve sleeping patterns. A hot bath can also do the trick to relax your body.

2. Coffee

Kick off the day with coffee and you will get the jump start you need! Coffee has also been shown to help your body fuel itself. If coffee is too strong for you try black or green tea which also provides a burst of caffeine. Just remember to not overdue it, having too much caffeine can produce adverse results and actually make you more tired!

3. Step it Outside

If you are stuck at your desk all day stepping outside to breathe fresh air can help you wake up. Breathing in oxygen helps to recharge your body, try taking a break outside and breathe deeply for maximum rejuvenation.

4. Pump Your Music

Listening to upbeat music can have a positive effect on your energy level and mood. It can also support you during an energizing workout.

5. H2Oooooo

The importance of water always seems to be over looked. Do you feel fatigued, unfocused, or even unhappy? Dehydration could be to blame, so remember to reach for a glass of water first thing in the morning to get ready for great day.

For more energy boosting tips read the full article HERE.

Hope these tips help to rejuvenate your body for an energetic summer, enjoy!

~Professional Medical Corp.


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