School is Out!!!

For many of us this poses a BIG question… WHAT DO I DO WITH THE KIDS????



Either as grandparents who are watching them while school is out or for stay at home parents or working parents who take a stay-cation at home over the summer.. it is an everyday struggle…

3d human with a red question mark

Here is a list we found of 100 things you can do… a lot of them are geared toward younger children but be creative! We bet that even a teenager would love to build a birdhouse or create a scrapbook!

100 Things to Do!




Farmer’s Market Season is On!



Everyone loves fresh fruits and vegetables, right? Where better to purchase them and meet the men and women behind the beautiful displays than at your local Farmer’s Market. We actually have one down the street from us every Thursday from 3-7pm… Right in the middle of the city!

Check out Find a Farmer’s Market  and go check out the one closest to you!