Fresh vs. Canned food

We found this interesting article from Times magazine that examines if canned food can offer the same amount of nutrients compared to fresh food. Tuft University conducted the study in New Jersey and the results are surprising. They concluded that when price, waste and preparation time were factored in, canned foods won out as the most convenient and affordable source of nutrients.

They used pinto beans as an example because they found that canned pinto beans cost $1 less per serving as a source of protein and fiber than dried beans. This would be the cost amount if you factor in the six minutes to prepare a can of pinto beans to the 2.5 hours for dried beans, after soaking and cooking.

The results also showed that corn, spinach, tomatoes, and tuna are all winners in canned form than fresh. Remember, this is if you factor in price, waste, and preparation along with nutrients.

Click here to find out more information and read the original article—Times Healthland

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Different Alternatives to Potato Chips


Times Healthland tells us delicious alternatives to potato chips and we have to say they all sound really good!

  1. Apple Chips—they are pretty crispy and are packed with fiber and vitamin C. They recommend: Good Health Natural Foods Crispy Original Apple Chip
  2. Taro Chips—also a starchy root vegetable, but 30% less fat than the potato. They are packed with vitamin E.
  3. Sweet Potato Chips (Our personal Fave!)—These chips are tasty, contains vitamin A and manganese (an essential mineral). They taste best with a spice blend.
  4. Kale Chips—if this is baked right, this leafy green vegetable can be a great alternative. It has vitamins A & C, great for those who like salty snacks.
  5. Plantain Chips—this treat is only good if you bake them yourself since you can control how much oil and you can add different spices to make them more flavorful. Try purchasing banana chips if you are in a time crunch—they taste just as great and has fewer calories and sugar than potato chips.

For recipes to make all of these chips, click here!