Are You at a Healthy Weight? has a great article on determining if you are at a healthy weight and tips on how to get there if you’re not. BMI stands for body mass index and it is a calculation that uses your height and weight to guess how much body fat you have.

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Another formula that shares:

For women: add “100 pounds of body weight for the first five feet of height plus 5 pounds for each additional inch.”

For Men: “add 106 pounds of body weight for the first five feet of height plus six pounds for each additional inch.”

Some tips to maintain a healthy diet are eat less red meat, eat more fish, limit eating up to four eggs a week, eat fiber, and cut back on fried food.

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So are you at a healthy weight? Any other tips you would like to share?



New study shows more men than women die of almost every type of cancer

It has always been known for years that men die of cancer more often than women, but this is the first that a new study was able to analyze individual cancers and study the sex differences. The journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention used data from 1977 to 2006 by cancer registries across the U.S and found out 33 out of the 36 cancer types that were reviewed, men died more than women. The three cancer types that women died more of are peritoneum, omentum, and mesentery cancer, gall bladder cancer, and cancer of the anus, anal canal, and anorectuum.  All three cancer types are exceptionally rare.

The study does not explain the causes of men’s higher cancer incidence, because it is not clear. These are the top five biggest disparities cancer deaths rates found in the study (they are all rare as well):

  1. Cancer of the lip: 5.51 men died for every one woman
  2. Cancer of the larynx: 5.37 med died for every one woman
  3. Cancer of the hypopharynx: 4.47 men died for every one woman
  4. Cancer of the esophagus: 4.08 men died fore very one woman
  5. Cancer of the bladder: 3.36 men died for every woman

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What do you think of the new study?

More men are getting plastic surgery

Men, thinking about getting plastic surgery soon? Well, you’re not alone. To deal with the tough economy and job market, men are turning to plastic surgery to become more competitive. Face lifts and Botox injections rose from the past year, 14 and 9 percent respectively. Phillip Haesk, a plastic surgeon from Seattle reveals, “Many men say they don’t look as young as they feel, and they want to change that.”

A lot of baby boomers can’t leave the job force and want to compete with the younger generations for their careers. The investment is pretty hefty as the fees for a face lift is more than $6,200, but many men think it’s worth it.


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What do you think about the rise in plastic surgery for men?