The Older you are, the Better the Sleep

A new study found that the quality of sleep gets better the older we get, and that adults in their 80’s are having the best sleep than anyone else. There are many factors that affect sleep besides your biological age such as stress, illness and depression, but when those aren’t taken in account, elderly adults do not report sleeping problems compared to the younger adults.

The study asked 155,877 adults in a phone survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention where they were asked about their sleeping habits and general demographic questions such as race, health issues, and income. In general, women said that they had more sleep problems than men and health problems and depression are related with the worse sleep among all age groups.

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Teens that Sleep Early are Fitter than Teens that Don’t

Everyone knows that the more sleep you get, the healthier you are. New research finds that time is a factor as well. Teens that have an early bed time were more thin and fit than those who slept late. The study was conducted in Australia and the researchers followed 2,200 children from the age 9-16 over four days. All the children on average slept the same amount of time, but those who slept later and woke up later were 1.5 times more likely to be obese and twice as likely to have a “couch potato” lifestyle.

They found that they kids who stayed up late were three times more likely to spend that time watching TV, playing video games, etc. The late-sleeping children were more likely to come from a lower-income family, lived in the city, have part-time job, and few siblings.
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Short of Deep Sleep Leads to High Blood Pressure

A new study revealed that the lack of sleep could be one of the reasons why people develop high blood pressure. Researchers conducted a study of older men who got the least amount of deep sleep were 80% more likely to develop high pressure compared to those who got longer, less interrupted sleep.

The researchers studied almost 800 healthy men over 65 who didn’t have hypertension when the study started. They were given at-home sleep tests that analyze their sleep patterns and measure their non-rapid eye movement sleep. They monitored their sleep for 3 years and results were published in Hypertension by the American Red Cross Association.

They learned that less of too deep of sleep can cause parts of the brain that control the release of a number of hormones and other substances related to maintaining proper blood pressure to work less efficiently.

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Naps. They Do a Body Good!

March 16, 2011

Naps. We all want them, we all crave them, but not all of us allow ourselves to take them. Finding yourself in a nap midday can be one of life’s more enjoyable pleasures, but its also an indulgence we have grown to neglect. In our busy lives we find ourselves convinced that napping is not only not allowed, but frowned upon as it attacks the very core of your “super human” status in society. Well, the University of California, Berkeley, would like you to be the first to know, that the nap you have been avoiding, actually wouldnt harm your humanity at all. In fact, a nice midday siesta would indeed make you smarter, more alert, and increase your brain power for your super human day.

In a study done at the University, researchers found that adults who took a midday nap markedly outperformed those who did not on a challenging intellectual task late in the day. The adults were given a challenging task to learn at noon, all performing and learning at similiar rates. Then one group was given a 90 minute nap, while the other group was not . At 6pm, a new challenging task was given to each group and researchers saw the napping group consistently and aggressively outperform those who did not get the gift of a midday snooze. The results confirmed the researchers hypothesis that in fact as we sleep, the brain does a little housekeeping on itself, clearing out the dirt and making room for the new once we awake and continue our day.

The perfect regime? Get a good night’s rest every night. 8 hours would be nice. Include a 60 minute nap midday and you will find you and your brain in optimal health. Of course we still reccommend a balanced diet and excercise, but couple those factors with a fantastic sleep schedule and BAM! the super human you never knew existed will be running the show.

Information Courtesy of: “Don’t Knock Naps – They Make You Smarter