Snacks under 80 Calories

We found an article on where they gave us different snacks that were less than 80 calories. Below are the top 3 snacks that we thought were satisfying and curb your craving without the guilt!

  1. Root beer float: 62 Calories—-8 ounces A&W Diet Root Beer and 1/3 cup fat-free vanilla ice cream.
  1. Gooey treat: 60 Calories—-Mallomar
  1. Old-school ice cream: 70 Calories—-Creamsicle low-fat pop

What are some of your favorite low calorie snacks?

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Americans love to eat snacks more than ever

A new study has found that Americans love to eat snacks more than in the past. It seems that there isn’t a time in a day where we aren’t bombarded with the opportunity to snack. For example, there are vending machines everywhere from the mall to your work office.

The new study suggests that snacks have become the “fourth” meal of the day contributing to 480 extra calories a day for the average American. Most of the snacks come from beverages and could be the main reason to our increase in weight. The data that was found suggest Americans are eating an average of 3.8 meals and snacks to 4.9 a day over the last 30 years showing a 29% increase. Also, portion sizes have increased in those 30 years by 12%.

Maybe this is why our obesity rate has increased? It is fine eating snacks, but picking healthy ones is the way to go—something high in fiber and low in sugar is recommended.

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