“I really want to thank you and all of the other representatives at Professional Medical for the terrific service that we always receive from you all. You all have wonderful communication skills, answer all of our questions clearly, and are very wonderful at helping me to provide my daughter with a high quality of life.
Thanks again. You make a huge difference in our lives.”
Sally & Heidi


“I have worked with the staff at Professional Medical on over 100 discharges and have received outstanding service on each occassion.  The Account Executives provide extensive assistance to Discharge Planners and Social Workers with obtaining authorization from private insurances when needed.  Delivery is always timely and the staff at Professional Medical can respond quickly, providing delivery of equipment within 24 hours on several occassions.  On more than one occassion I have called ProMed on short notice when another provider was unable to provide a piece of equipment needed for a safe disharge.  ProMed was able to provide the equipment in time to prevent having to postpone the discharge.  The delivery staff at Professional Medical is very reliable.  They take the time to set the equipment up for customer care, insure it works properly and insure that the customer knows how to use it appropriately.  Professional Medical has set the standard for how a durable medical equipment provider should function.”

Scott Spencer
Social Services Director
Talbot Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center


“Professional Medical has been truly helpful to us. We feel comfortable and at ease with them, as we know that they will do whatever they can to make the process easier for us. We’ve had such great results from the kind and caring staff at Professional Medical. They really do go the extra mile to get the equipment we request. We highly recommend their staff.”

Anne Bush MSW and Elizabeth Gilihan MSW
Regency at Renton Rehabilitation Center


“You guys are wonderful! Always prompt, always nice, always calling me more than once a month to be sure I got your messages. Excellent!”

Adult Family Home client


“We are so happy that you are a part of our community. How do you improve on excellence?”

K.B. and H.M., Private Home clients


“I’m always impressed by how prompt Professional Medical is. I can call with a service request and it will be taken care of immediately. Professional Medical is very nice and patient with my clients. And my clients are always pleased with the services they receive.”

Venus Rekow
ResCare, Inc.


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