Is Your Bathroom Safe?

The Home Safety Council estimates that falls account for 5.1 million injuries and 6,000 deaths each year. The majority of those fall deaths occur among people aged 65 and older.
It’s imperative that your house is properly furnished with equipment that will keep you safe.

Read this checklist to see if your bathroom is properly equipped:

  1. Grab bars are installed in the bath and shower stalls.
  2. Do not use towel racks and wall mounted soap dishes as grab bars.  They cannot sustain an adult’s weight.
  3. Non-slip mats or adhesive safety strips or decals are installed in bathtubs and shower floors.
  4. The floor is kept clean by promptly wiping up spills.
  5. Non-skid bathmats are on the bathroom floor.
  6. Do not use cleaning supplies that leave a slippery residue.
  7. Use nightlights to light up bathroom and hallways.

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