Tips to Avoid Holiday Depression

The holidays are coming up, and there are a few people who dread this. revealed some tips to avoid the depression that surrounds the holidays. Good thing it only comes once a year!

  1. Avoid family conflict: If you know that there are going to be conflict at family gatherings, try to prepare natural responses such as “Let’s talk about that another time,” or “I can see how you would feel that way.” Also, try to escape to the restroom, or help around the kitchen to avoid conflict as well.
  2. Learn to grieve:If you recently lost a loved one, it is a good time to talk about your feelings or reach out to support groups. It is also not uncommon to feel angry that they are not there or guilty that you are having fun.
  3. Sleep & work out: With the holidays around the corner, it is easy to not have the same sleeping schedule, because of the activities you would be doing. Studies show that there is a link between sleep loss and depression. Try to have the same sleeping schedule and wake up at the same time every day. Try to get some physical exercise as it reduces stress.
  4. Don’t binge on food or alcohol: By overeating, not only will it take a toll on your body; you would feel guilty for eating so much. Instead of eating 3 slices of pie, only indulge with one piece. Alcohol also intensifies your emotions, making you leave even worse than before—know your limit intake.

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What are some of your tips?


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