Tips on Snacking for Diet Success gives us some great tips on how to snack without overeating, because let’s face it, 97% of American adults snack between meals.

  1. Snack throughout the day—People who lose weight don’t wait until they are hungry or don’t skip meals. It is best to spread your calories throughout the day, so you won’t feel starved.
  2. Eat nuts!—Nuts are one of the healthiest snacks around with many benefits like vitamins and antioxidants. They don’t digest quickly and they help you feel full longer. It is proven that calories don’t go up higher, because you tend to eat fewer calories from other sources.
  3. Drink your food—Food that are bulked up by water fills you up with fewer calories. Maybe try using a broth-based vegetable soup as a snack. An advice would be making a large pot of broth filled with vegetables and pack it into single-serve containers. Freeze and label the containers and pull it out for a snack.
  4. Pay attention when eating—Focus on your snacks instead of mindless eating. By paying attention, you are more likely not to overeat because you aren’t distracted. Stop, and enjoy your snacks or else what’s the point?

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What are some of your tips?


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