Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is fast approaching giving people some thought about their New Year’s resolutions.  It is going to be hard to stick to resolutions throughout the 2012, but Forbes.com given us some tips to actually accomplishing it. Here are some of the tips that we found were helpful.

  1. Write it down—Try writing down your goals and outline the small manageable steps to get there. By setting a large goal without a plan can be overwhelming and can lead to being unmotivated. By accomplishing small wins, you will stay on track, become focused and positive.
  2. Get a partner—Having someone else along with you for the ride can be encouraging and helpful. Try finding someone who has a similar resolution and check in with you to talk about your progress and challenges. So go out there and find a group, partner, friend or a professional!
  3. Get specific—A lot of people make mistakes by making a goal that is too general. A great way to make a goal stick is to be specific, with a tangible, achievable outcome. By making it a quantifiable goal, it would make it easier to check in on and make it a reality for you.

Click here for more tips—courtesy of Forbes.com

What are some of your tips?


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