Looking for your long lost relatives?

When life gets busy, you tend to lose contact with family members and distant relatives. Many people have different reasons to find their long lost uncle,  second cousin twice removed or that billionaire aunt that you heard you had (one can dream). AARP.com found some websites that you can start with to research your family history and find any family members you never knew you had.

State and local records: Put together by volunteers, this website USGenWeb Project provides genealogical research in every county and every state in the United States.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: The museum has a huge database of 42 million records of survivors and Holocaust victims: USHMM.org/research/collections/search/.

Ancestry.com: If you feel like paying for a service that allows you to search through 6 billion records worldwide, then give this website a shot. However, many local libraries have a subscription to this site so try there first. Ancestry.com also sponsors RootsWeb.ancestry.com. This website is free, made possible by volunteers and includes local history, gravestones and old church records.

Ellisisland.org: This website offers a list of passengers from every ship that entered the Port of New York between 1892 and 1924. This is a neat website, because you can find the passengers’ last residence, their profession, and any other family members that they have in the US and in their country of origin.

Findagrave.com: A database that provides more than 60 million grave records and millions of photos.

Click here for more websites to continue your search!

What other places would you recommend to start looking?


One thought on “Looking for your long lost relatives?

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