Hypoallergenic dogs, do they really exist?

Dog lovers who have sensitive allergies look into owning hypoallergenic dogs, because it decreases the risk of getting allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, a new study conducted by the Henry Ford Hospital explains that there is no scientific reasoning that supports the idea of hypoallergenic dogs having less irritating allergens. People with pet allergies have sensitive immune systems that can react to harmless proteins in pet’s dander such as saliva or fur. These proteins are labeled as allergens.

In this study, scientists gather dust samples from more than 173 homes with one dog. In total, they observed 60 different breeds in which 11 are supposedly hypoallergenic. The results show that there are no major differences in allergen levels between the hypoallergenic and non-hypoallergenic dogs.

In response, the American Kennel club explains that there are no dogs that can be considered 100% hypoallergenic and there are some dogs that are better for allergic people than others.

They provided a list of dogs here.

What are your experiences with hypoallergenic dogs?

Read original article here!


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