Chia for Nutrition not just Pets

 Chia pets are not the only way to enjoy chia seeds. Adding fiber and omega-3 fatty acids to your diet is simple with chia seeds. The popularity of these ancient seeds has increased over the years due to their health benefits, neutral taste, and the variety in how they can be consumed. Chia seeds can be used in drinks, as a nutritional topping to things like yogurt, and they can also be cooked with (try something new with a grilled salmon with chia seeds dish).

The Chia seed trend has an increasing number of followers. Last week, Business Week magazine reported that “among Wall Street’s trading desks and bullpens, chia seeds are becoming the stimulant of choice.” They are, the magazine said, “healthier than coffee, cheaper (and obviously more legal) than cocaine, and less juvenile than a 5-hour Energy drink.”

With an increase in popularity comes a greater demand. A company based in Oxnard, called Nutiva, has seen demand for their products grow fivefold. Their website has provided some of the nutritional benefits the seeds can have on your health. Nutiva 

These little seeds have a lot of nutrition in such a small package which makes them a great addition to your diet. Enjoy Chia seeds for health and to learn more check out the original news article LA Times

~ Professional Medical Corp


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